Thursday, December 26, 2013

Champagne Bar!

Hey everyone!  I wanted to do a post on how to create a great Champagne Bar for New Years Eve!  I did this for Christmas for my family, but with a few quick changes, it will be perfect for ringing in the new year!  If you are interested, keep reading!

To start, you will need come champagne bottles of course!  You can use any kind your little heart fancies!  Begin by peeling off the labels on the bottle- this may take awhile.  I used warm water and soap!

Next, take a can of chalkboard spray paint (from Michaels Craft Store) and spray paint the bottles in a well ventilated area.  I did mine outside!  This particular spray paint dried very quickly, and I was able to do two coats within a few hours!

After both coats have completely dried, use mod podge and adhere labels or pictures of your choice to the bottles!  Or you can go sans label and write some creative messages on the bottles with chalk!

With a few final touches, you can create an at home champagne bar!  For a NYE theme champagne bar, you can adhere different festive images to the bottles, or write 2014 with chalk!

I used these great napkins I found at Nordstrom Rack, paired with champagne glasses and striped paper straws from World Market!  I also added some berries for a pop, as well as some mini pink bellini bottles, which I thought were absolutely adorable!  If you like my chalkboard sign, I did a DIY on it here!

I hope you enjoyed this fun and festive idea!  Let me know if you recreate this!  And as always, thanks for reading!


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  1. Wow, this is great :)
    Amazing idea!


  2. What a wonderful idea :)) I hope you had a gorgeous Christmas time doll, I had a little break. I hope the New Year is bliss for you!! xx