Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Polar Vortex?! Warm up with a Hot Chocolate Bar!

Hey everyone!  Since most of the United States is freezing right now (and I am complaining its cold at 50 degrees here in Southern California), I thought I would share this fabulous DIY hot chocolate bar I did!  While this was holiday inspired, it still seems fitting given lots of people are experiencing negative degree weather!  So cuddle up, invite your friends over, put on The Bachelor, and warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

You can also add my DIY Hot Cocoa Sign!  Find the directions here.

To keep things simple, I set up my Keurig with some dark hot chocolate K cups, which made it super easy for everyone to have a nice hot cup.  You can make traditional hot chocolate over the stove, but keeping it warm enough to serve can be a problem!

Be creative with your hot chocolate bar, and make sure to have lots add ins!   I made these marshmallow straw stirrers, as well as some white chocolate peppermint covered spoons to stir into the hot chocolate!  Want the recipe?  Keep an eye out for my next post!

I hope you enjoyed this inspiration for cold days stuck inside!  


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