Monday, January 27, 2014

January Favorites!

Hello everyone!  I hope you have all had a fantastic start to 2014!  Can you believe its already January 27th?!  I can't!

This month I discovered some new (and old) favorites that I thought I would share with you all!

My first two favorites I rediscovered while going through and cleaning out my makeup collection.  I used to wear them all the time, but stopped for some reason! So when I found them in my drawers, I thought I would give them a go again!  I am talking about the Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and the Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer.  When used together, they give the skin a beautiful healthy glow.  I also love the fact that the tinted moisturizer has an SPF of 20.  I use retinal a few times a week, making it important to wear sunscreen everyday!

They both have a dewy finish, so if you have oily skin or prefer a matte finish, I would not recommend either of these products.  However, Laura Mercier does make a regular, non "illuminating" tinted moisturizer that provides more of a matte finish.

The Tinted Moisturizer can be purchased here for $43.00 and the Radiance Primer can be purchased here for $32.00.

My next favorite is the Beauty Blender!  This non-disposable makeup sponge is amazing for applying foundation and concealer.  When you run it under water before using (squeezing out the excess water), it doubles in size and turns into a slightly damp sponge that applies makeup flawlessly.  I don't know what it is about the Beauty Blender exactly, but it really honestly works differently than other makeup sponges.  It creates an airbrush finish, and who doesn't want that?!

The shape, in part, is what makes this product so great.  The larger rounded end is perfect for applying foundation to larger areas, such as your cheeks, chin, and forehead, while the smaller angled tip is perfect for applying foundation and concealer to smaller and more delicate areas, such as the eye area and around the nose.  You can also use the Beauty Blender for applying loose powder and mineral cosmetics, making it very versatile!

Yes, they are pricey, and certainly more expensive than a drugstore makeup sponge, but it is well worth it.  Try it out, you won't regret it!  You can find them at Sephora (here) for $19.95 each.

My next January favorite I hauled a few posts ago in my Korean Skincare Haul!  This "Steam Cream" by Nature Republic is fantastic for dry and sensitive skin.  Its thick consistency paired with the Shea butter provides a deep level of moisture for dry skin.  I have been using this at night over my serums and wake up in the morning to glowing and hydrated skin.  Despite the thickness, it has not made me break out either!  The best part is its only $22.99 from most online retailers.  The actual Nature Republic Stores are hard to find, but you can find most of their products online.  This particular steam cream can be found here!

My next favorite, like the Laura Mercier makeup, I found when I was going through my makeup collection. It was a sample I'm pretty sure I received in a Glam Bag.  I tested it out with little hope and boy was I wrong.  It is AMAZING, like using it one time and noticing a difference right away amazing.  It seriously makes my lips so smooth and hydrated, especially in winter when my lips tend to get dry and chapped.  It has a very thick consistency, so I have just been using it at night before bed.  When I run out, this will be a definite repurchase!  And if you don't just take my word for it, it has 347 five star reviews online!  You can find it here for $12.00.

My next favorite I got as a deluxe 500 point gift from Sephora, along with a few other Caudalie products.  Being a bit serum obsessed (to put it lightly), I couldn't wait to test this out!  I have used it for a few weeks, only using a few drops at a time, and it provides great hydration and radiance to my skin.  It sinks into the skin very fast and did not make me break out.  I have been using this in conjunction with my Kate Somerville Dilo Oil and love the two together.

I also love the packaging of the product, as the dropper allows you to be very precise with how much of the serum you want.  If you are interested in trying this out, you can find it here for $79.00.

My next January favorite is an eye cream by the French skincare line "Ioma."  I picked this up at Saks Fifth Avenue and have used it off and on, but just recently have really been committed to using it everyday.  What makes it unique is that it has snake venom in it, weird right?!  So when I apply it, I immediately feel a tightening and slight tingling sensation-but in my mind that means its working...right?!  When I use this product, my eye area is hydrated, and my eyes look overall more awake and refreshed.  If you suffer from dehydration lines or wrinkles around your eyes and want to treat yourself, try this eye cream.

Also, if you go into Saks Fifth Avenue, some Ioma Counters have their "Sphere" device, which is essentially a face analyzer machine- yes, it analyzes skin texture, how many wrinkles you have, how big your pores are, UV damage, and redness.  Sounds scary....  BUT on the plus side, it allows you to see what areas you need to work on, and they recommend which products are best suited for you!  Then the cool part is a few weeks later, after upping your skincare routine with specific products, you can go back in and get your face re-analyzed and see how much it has improved!  It even prints out pictures for you!  Pretty awesome right?!  Ioma clearly stands behind their products, and their willing to prove it with their unique technology!  If you are interested in getting your skin analyzed by the Ioma Sphere, click here for more information and to find a location near you.

This eye cream definitely is a pricey pick, but seeing as I only use a small dab each time, I think it will last me quite awhile! If you are interested in this product, you can find it here for $110.00

My next January Favorite I'm not going to go into too much detail (post coming tomorrow), but basically I have been obsessing over gold rings- and lots of them.  I love wearing four, or five, or ten rings and midi rings (!!) at a time, layering them up on all my fingers!  I also found this adorable bird ring dish from World Market, perfect for housing all of them.

My last January Favorite is this awesome Jonathan Adler Jewelry travel case from Nordstrom!  Its absolutely perfect for traveling, and allows you to keep all of your bits and baubles safe and secure during travel.  It even has spots meant for earrings and rings!  Totally in love with this.  Not to mention its monogrammed too!

I hope you all enjoyed this post!   Let me know what you are loving so far in 2014!

Also, the GLAM BAG giveaway winners, please email me for your prizes :)

Stay tuned for a philosophy and EOS lip balm giveaway!


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  1. I love Korean skincare too! Nature Republic is a good brand, but I prefer Korea's luxury brands like Sulwasoo. I have combination skin, and it really helps to even everything out and make it more normal. Have you ever tried it?

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

    1. No I have never tried it before! I love trying new products, thanks for the recommendation! Where can I find it?

  2. These seem like great products! I wish I could get them in my country :/ And I'm absolutely in love with your ring holder <3


  3. Thank you! Where do you live? Most of the products I believe are available through :)

  4. Amazing post, I love the bag, super creative...would you like to follow each other on Bloglovin? follow me and leave a comment on my blog and i shall surely be following you back

  5. awesome favorites dear the beauty blender is on of our favorites as well