Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blogmas Day 5: Spray Toners!

Hello everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about one of my favorite beauty products- facial sprays!  I love love love spray toners & waters because they not only keep my skin hydrated, but also keep my makeup looking fresh and dewy!  They are the perfect mid-afternoon pick me up for your skin, which is why I can never resist buying a new one!  I have collected a couple over the past few months that I am really loving right now and wanted to share them with you all!

I do also use regular toners with cotton pads, but before my spray on toners.  In general, I think that spray on toners are more hydrating than conventional toners- and I use non-spray toners solely to remove any last traces of makeup.  After ensuring all of my makeup is off, I like to put tons of moisture back into my skin, starting with one of these sprays!

This fresh rose water toner is an awesome product!  The smell is great and the product itself works well.  When I spray this on after cleansing and toning (with a cotton pad), my skin is prepped for my serums and moisturizer.  It also works perfectly as a makeup setting spray!  Overall, this a great product to have because of its dual purpose.  

 However, because this bottle is quite large, it is not really travel efficient, and therefore if you are looking for something to fit in your purse or makeup bag, keep in mind this may not be the product you want to pick.

If you are interested in purchasing the Fresh Rose Spray Toner, you can find it here for $38.00.

My next pick I bought because it is definitely travel friendly!  The Caudalie Grape Water mist can easily fit in my purse for touch ups during the day.  When I spray this on, I immediately notice a glow in my skin and my foundation kicks back into action.  I also really love the nozzle on this product, as it sprays a very fine mist, so you don't feel like you are taking a shower.  The mist is quickly absorbed by the skin, and gives you a glow without looking oily!  If you are interested in buying this, you can find it here for $10.00.

This is the newest toner I have purchased from Lush (haul coming soon) and so far I have a love/hate relationship with it.  I do think it provides lots of hydration and mixes wonderfully with my serums, HOWEVER, I literally am getting a shower when I spray this on my face.  The nozzle sprays this stuff so thick and it goes everywhere.  I have to hold it pretty far away from my face, and even then, my face is soaked.  Maybe I got a faulty nozzle?  Does anyone else have a problem with the sprays from Lush? This is the first one I have tried from them, so I am not sure if they are all like this, or what?  But I feel like I am wasting product because of how thick it sprays...but I really do like the formulation and its compact size!  Whats a girl to do?!

If you are interested in the Lush Toner, you can pick it up here for $21.95.

 My final pick is the Evian water facial spray.  I picked this up on a whim because I have a soft spot for facial sprays as you now know- but if you really think about it, it is an overpriced bottle of water.  I think you could put your own water in a spray bottle and get a similar effect.  However, the mist is very very fine, the packaging is cute, and it does a great job of keeping my skin hydrated (because its well, water, who would have thought?!)  If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it here for $14.00 for 2 small bottles.

 Thanks for reading everyone!  How are you keeping your skin hydrated this winter?!


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  1. These sound grand! Maybe Lush could fix the way it comes out, it sounds interesting. I've never used a spray toner before, might have to look into that!! Have a lovely weekend doll xx

    The Dainty Dolls House

  2. ohh i have to look for those facial sprays:)
    ever tried p2 making fixing spray? its amaze-balls lol and it adds a matt effect after you put makeup on.