Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blogmas Day 4: Taking off Gel Polish

Hey everyone!  Welcome back to Blogmas Day 4!  I hope you are all having a great December so far!

Today, I wanted to do a review on the Nutra Nail Gel Remover pads that I recently picked up at my local CVS.  I saw these and was really excited to give them a try because I often do gel nails in the salon and removing them is a pain!

The instructions: Tear open the packet and put all five fingers up against the soaked pad and apply pressure for two minutes.  After two minutes, rub fingers with the pad and all the gel will come off.  The box came with five applications for about $7.00.

This particular brand says it removes gel polish by both the actual Nutra Nail at home gel polish system and gel polish done at the salon.  However, it did not work at all for me.  I stuck my fingers in the pad for the required two minutes and did not see any difference.  My gel polish was exactly the same.
Maybe this remover does work better if you use in conjunction with the Nutra Nail brand gel polish, but as for salon gel polish, it did not work at all!  I will definitely not be repurchasing these.

If any of you have at home ideas on how to take off gel polish, please let me know!!

Thanks for reading


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