Saturday, October 19, 2013

Skin Care Organization

If you have read a couple of my blog posts, you know by now I am a product junkie.  But just in case this is your first time visiting my page, Hi, my name is Lindsey and I AM A BEAUTY PRODUCT JUNKIE.  I love trying new products, whether it be for skin, makeup, or hair!  But the biggest problem I face is storing all of my products....I mean really, I am running out of prime real estate.  My medicine cabinets are at complete capacity, as are my cupboards under the sink.  So, I have had to result to COUNTER STORAGE...I know right?  As you can see below, it didnt look very good and I was tired of my products looking sloppy and unorganized on my counter.  Heres my before picture:

In my before picture, the products are all shoved to the side, and it really looks quite overwhelming and cluttered.  So when I recently was at target and found this awesome "platter" of sorts, I thought it would be great to put my products on!  I am really happy with the outcome, and while there are still lots of products, I think the plate keeps them looking organized and de-cluttered.  In case you are wondering, I choose which products I keep on my counter based on how often I grab for them.  Daily products are kept out, but weekly products, such as face masks and peels are kept in the cabinets.

I am really happy with the results! What do you guys think?!  If you see a product in my collection and would like a review, please let me know in the comments below!

  Thanks for reading!xoxoLinds&bells
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