Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sephora Beauty Classes!!

Hey Everyone! I wanted to do a post about the new beauty classes Sephora is now offering within their stores!  Isn't that great news?! I thought so too!  Not only are they FREE, but these classes are also the perfect opportunity to learn more about makeup and skin care in a relaxed setting.  I know we have all experienced a time or two where we buy something so fantastic in the store only to get it home and have no clue what do with it.  These classes are great to really learn how to use what you already have, as well as how to incorporate new products and trends into your routine!

I recently had the pleasure of attending the "skincare basics" class at my local Sephora and it was so much fun!  The class was held before the store even opened (8-10 a.m.), so we had Sephora completely to ourselves!  With only 6 "students," it really did feel like the class was one on one.  There was a skincare specialist who taught it and filled us in on everything we needed to know for our particular skincare concerns.  In between the teaching, we, the students, were able to actually use products in the store and try them out.  The Sephora team really made sure we all knew how to use the products and in what order, so that if we chose to buy them, we would feel confident using them on our own at home.

Sephora was kind enough to set up "work stations" to try out the products, with clarisonics and opals to test out as well!  I ended up picking the Ren cleansing balm, an oxygen mask by Bliss, and an Ole Henrikson moisturizer (all of which were best for my skin type).  This class was such a great opportunity to really learn about your skin and what works for it.

To sign up for the classes, click here and choose your closest Sephora location!  I know I will be attending the "smokey eye" class, as well as the "false lashes" class coming up in December! Let me know if any of you try out the classes!

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