Thursday, March 6, 2014

Favorite Perfumes! Jo Malone, Stella McCartney, & Jimmy Choo

Hey everyone!  Today I thought I would share some of my absolute favorite perfumes of all time.  Ive noticed that I have been reaching for one of three different fragrances on repeat- and I think its safe to say these will always be a part of my fragrance collection.  I really love them that much.

First up is my all time Jo Malone Favorite- red roses.  It smells amazing, literally just like I am in a field of garden of roses?  But seriously, this perfume smells like a bouquet of roses.  It isn't too peppery either- if you have smelled other "rose" scents you know what I am talking about.  Sometimes rose scents can be too musky or have a "peppery" undertone, but not red roses by Jo Malone!  This fragrance is light and airy, perfect for spring and summer!

My next favorite is an oldie as well that I have repurchased again and again.  It is "Stella" by Stella McCartney.  To me, if a cologne and perfume mixed, it would be this scent.  It is a mix of soft, fresh rose with notes of dark, deep amber.  A perfect mix of light and heavy- which really gives this fragrance such a unique scent.

My last, but certainly not least, favorite is a newer fragrance by Jimmy Choo, "Flash."  This scent feels rich and luxurious, and like the Stella perfume, has a mix of light and dark notes, including fresh flowers, tangerine and strawberry mixed with powdery woods and pink pepper.  It smells sweet at first, with a deeper scent coming out as it starts to settle.

I love each of these fragrances so much I have purchased both sizes of them, one for at home use, and the smaller for on the go!

Let me know what your favorite scents are!

Thanks for reading

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  1. These are wonderful perfumes...I do love perfumes!! In need of a new one actually...gorgeous pictures. I hope you have a great weekend xx

  2. I'm so jealous of your Stella perfume! It's on my wishlist.

  3. waauw really nice pics they must smell wonderfull


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