Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clarins Skincare Haul: First Impressions on Double Serum & More

Hey everyone!  Being the skincare junkie that I am, I totally couldn't resist when Clarins was having a gift with purchase recently!  Being new to the Clarins line, I let the Clarins expert guide me through their different products and what she thought would be best for my skin.  I told her I was interested in anti-ageing products for my normal to dry skin type and ended up getting quite a few new products to test out, not too mention samples galore...

I really wanted to try out a range of products so I could really get a feel for the Clarins line and to see how all of the products work in conjunction with one another! I walked away from the counter with a cleanser, face mask, peel, moisturizer, and serum, and loads of samples.  I think that covered the basics right?!

The first thing I picked up was this Double Serum, their newest and most talked about product.  It is said to do it all, literally.  Minimize pores, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, moisturize the skin, control excess oil, etc.  Whatever your skincare problems are, this serum can do something for you, or so Clarins says.  The sales associate was so adamant about this product, so into my bag it went.  I know people have mixed reviews on this serum because it does contain mineral oil, but I decided to try it anyways and see what the hype was about.

The serum is made up of two different components, as you can see by the bottle below.  When you pump the bottle into your hands, a little of each component is released, but still act as almost oil and vinegar.  In order for the product to be activated, you must rub the two oils between your palms to make sure they are completely mixed together.  Next, you lightly press the mixture into your skin.

So far I really love this product- they say to wait four weeks before you see maximum results, but I already notice a difference in my skin in just a few days.  My pores look smaller and my skin just looks more glowy.  I can't wait to see how it is when I wait the full 4 weeks.  The only downfall of this product is the price, and the fact that it seems to go pretty quickly.  After only a few days, I already noticed a dent in the $115.00 bottle.  And the fact that I am supposed to use this twice a day doesn't help (thinking about trying to do once a day and see if I still get results)...BUT nonetheless, this really seems to be a great serum!  I will keep you updated!

I also picked up their gentle foaming cleanser which is exactly how it sounds.  It is gentle on the skin, foams up really well, and works great with my Clarisonic.  I have been rotating this cleanser with my other ones and it does the job.  However, I cannot say whether or not this removes makeup well because I always use it as my second cleanser, after my makeup is completely removed.  This cleanser keeps my skin hydrated, never feeling tight- overall a great basic cleanser.

Next up that was recommended to me was the Bright Plus Gentle Renewing Brightening Peel- which I got as an alternative to the Dr. Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads.  This product works in a similar fashion, mainly focusing on removing dead skin cells to reveal youthful smooth skin.  I have used this twice so far and really LOVE it.  Immediately after I use this, my face feels so soft and looks so radiant.  Its quicker than the alpha beta peel pads too because its only one step, which I really like.  So far, this is definitely a new favorite of mine.

The mask I got was one for those days when my skin just needs a "pick me up."  It provides a deep level of hydration and can be used morning or night.  I haven't tried it yet, but will definitely keep you posted on what my thoughts are!

The last product I purchased is the Bright Plus Brightening Renewing Night Cream- which I have to say I am not amazed by.  Given I have only been using it a few days, I have not seen any major difference in my skin.  That being said, it hasn't made my skin any worse either.  I will continue to use it though and see if I notice any difference long term!

Not only did I get a gift with purchase, but the Clarins rep was so awesome and through in tons of samples for me to try!  Included were the toning lotion, vital light night and day creams, eye makeup removers, bright plus serum, and the gentle exfoliating daily cleanser.  So far I have loved the exfoliating cleanser and the eye makeup remover- but I have not really tried anything else!

I will let you guys know my updated thoughts as I work my way through the products!  But for the mean time, I hope you guys enjoyed this post!  Let me know what your favorite Clarins products are!


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  1. I have just switched to Clarins for a couple of months now and I am really happy with their products. I really love their vitamin C booster lotion.

  2. Ohh I will have to try that! I love Vitamin C products, like the Ole Henrikson Vitamin C Serum. Thanks for the suggestion!