Monday, September 30, 2013

Nail Polish Storage

Ive always been curious how the majority of people store their nail polishes.  Do you keep them in a big bin?  But then that leaves you with the problem of hunting and pawing through it when you need a color.  Or I guess you could put them in a drawer, but once again this means you are only seeing the tops of the nail polishes instead of the actual colors.  Trust me, when it comes to storage of any kind, I have tried it all and I've never truly been happy with my nail polish storage until now.  I have given my collection a new home in my second medicine cabinet.  The cabinet allows me to store the polishes upright, while still being able to see the colors.  My collection just barely fits, so if you have more polishes than cabinet space, consider changing out certain colors for the seasons.  This will make it easy to see the colors you actually want to use, and you can box up the others that you wont be using.  Take a look at mine below:
While the shelves are 2-3 polishes deep, it still allows for easy access and visibility of my collection.  Much easier than keeping them in a big bin! PLUS storing your polishes upright will extend their shelf life.


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  1. That seem like a good idea.. would try that with my nail polishes too.
    Wanna follow each other on bllog and facebook ?
    Lemme know.. :)

  2. Thank you! It works out great because I can really see my entire polish collection. Thanks for the follow :)